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While warping away to safety from a gruesome battle with alien space ships, you took damage as you warped away and got kicked out of subspace to land in a pocket dimension. Scans indicate the dimensional pocket is unstable only held together by the remnants of an alien space station reactor. If you can cause the reactor to overload, is should create a dimensional tear large enough for you to escape, but the trigger buttons are in some alien language. There must be clues nearby.

 Meanwhile enemies have locked on to your position and are warping in to finish what they started and take you out. Scans indicate the more enemies warp in, the more strain added to the reactor keeping this pocket together. If the reactor fails, the pocket will collapse and all within will cease to exists. You have to take them out before their numbers grow to large. 

Can you survive long enough to find your way out before its too late?




Spacebar to fire


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