WASD / Arrows - Move

W - Interact when over

1/2/3 - Change size to small/normal/big

Left Click - Shoot fire balls

Right Click - Spray water

Space - Jump

Developer tools:

I - Previous Level

O - Next Level

P - Restart Level

Play as Mokosh, Guardian Spirit of Nature as you navigate your way through this nature themed platformer.  

This game was a collaborative effort for Roc Game Dev Game Jam with the theme of "Growth". 

Team Info

Michael Cooper - Programming

Katie Cox - Pixel Art / UI

Philip Lowery - Music/SFX Lead 

Mark Miller - Lead Art Design

Lesther Reynoso - Pixel Design / Integration

Nick Stokowski - Programming / Level Design

Adam Werynski - Programming / Level Design


Mokoth [Windows] 28 MB
Mokoth [Linux x86_64] 29 MB
Mokoth [Linux] 28 MB


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Haha, I didn't realize this game was up, I remember working on this with you. It was definitely fun times. I'd love to do something with this in the future, more polish and etc. I loved making the intro on this and the character. Definitely good times on this one. Get in touch, it would be good to chit chat again too :)


Oh hey! I didn't see this sooner. Yea this game was a lot of fun to make! I definitely do think there's something there with that mechanic, lots a puzzle potential. We'll have to sync up on Discord sometime, pretty sure we're in a few servers together.

Hell yeah. I'm in ROC Game DEV's server.