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On Boot Instructions - Unit MAC-83F

Select a sub module during startup to divert battery power to that module. Active modules provide additional abilities for you to execute. Passive modules maintain your basic operating functionality, but can be disabled if you don't have the power to spare.

Each module will cost you one unit of your reserve battery, damage to this system may negatively affect maximum battery capacity. But it may be the only way to proceed

A / Left Arrow - Move Left
D / Right Arrow - Move Right
W / Up Arrow - Jump
W / Up Arrow (In Air) - Double Jump (when powered)
R - Reboot (Restart Level)
Esc - Quit to title

Space (Press) - Hover (when powered)

Reach the end level door in order to proceed. The door will be powered and activated at the cost of your own internal battery. 


MAC-83F [PC].zip 20 MB

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